A freelancer’s stack

What I use to run my business and do my work

I welcome suggestions for

Task + knowledge management

Still figuring out an efficient knowledge management process, this situation is a hot mess.

Document creation + storage

Google Workspace (docs, presentations, spreadsheets, forms and basic surveys)

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Collaborative project work

  • Google Workspace
  • Miro, Google Jamboard, Google Slides (digital whiteboards). I tend to use Miro when collaborating with small groups of design/ digital folk, and Google Jamboard/ Slides for client workshops. Digital whiteboards are not accessible, we need to solve this for remote work to be inclusive
  • Airtable (a spreadsheet crossed with a database)
  • Typeform (fancier forms and surveys)
  • Otter.ai (interview transcription)

Synchronous communication

  • Zoom
  • The sweet relief of an old-fashioned phone call

Asynchronous communication

  • Gmail/ Google Workspace
  • Whatsapp. Attempting to move to Signal, slow progress
  • Slack

Visual design for people with no design training

Brand + comms

Time tracking + billing + accounting

  • Trialling Harvest
  • Xero (billing + accounting)
  • Dext (easy expenses, integrates with Xero)



  • Chrome (browser). Got my eye on Brave
  • Calendly (meeting scheduling, I love this product)
  • Grammarly (spelling, grammar, style)
  • Simplify (makes Gmail more usable and more beautiful)
  • Signature Hound (create beautiful email signatures for free)
  • LastPass (password manager). Got my eye on Bitwarden (free and open-source)
  • OneTab (instantly collapses all your browser tabs, for people who live that multi-tab, slow-Chrome life)
  • Freedom (blocks certain websites for productivity’s sake *cough* Twitter *cough*). I’ve blocked the same website on my iPhone by doing this (it’s very easy!)
  • Twitter Required Alt Text (Chrome extension that prevents you from posting a tweet with an image unless you write alt text for it)
  • Toucan (Chrome extension that translates words on webpages into another language to help you learn — in my case, Spanish!)
  • Researching workflow automation through Zapier and IFTT

IRL infrastructure + hardware

  • Companies Made Simple (registered office address)
  • Co-working space tbc re: global pandemic
  • Macbook Air+ iPhone + external keyboard
  • Yeti microphone (for giving talks/ recording podcasts)
  • Researching options for monitor, camera and mouse

Thanks to Tom for writing his post, which prompted me to finally publish this!

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